Pantyhose J/O Submitted Story...


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Pantyhose J/O Submitted Story...

Post by webmaster » Thu May 05, 2011 10:41 pm

Once when I got to go to our teachers house for a cook out. Her name was Ms. Weber. She invited our class over as we were doing really well in school. Ms Weber was a big time hose wearer as she always wore pantyhose at school. So while we were there at her house I asked her If I could use her bathroom. She said yeah go ahead. While in her bathroom I was checking to see if she had any hose around. She did in a hamper she had in the bathroom. I pulled them out and smelled them in the crotch area as they still had her scent on them and could still smell the perfume on them. I heard a knock on the door and it was one of my class mates who needed to use the bathroom. So I put the hose back in the hamper and flused the toilet washed my hands and opened the bathroom door. As my class mate when in I noticed that Ms. Weber's bedroom door was slightly opened. I walked down the hallway trying to be quiet. As I could hear every one out on the deck laughing and talking. I opened her door and went straight for her dresser. I was opening the dresser drawers quietly and checkin to see which one had her pantyhose in them. I found 2 drawers full of pantyhose. I started going threw to see which ones she had. But, I knew I needed to hurry up as I could hear some of my class mates coming in and out of the house now. So I hurried up and grabbed a dark brown pair of control top pantyhose and a biege pair of control top pantyhose. I put them in my front jeans pocket one on each side and trying to make my pockets look flat so it wouldn't look like I had anything. U know like pantyhose. I pulled my shirt down to cover up my front jean pockets the best I could.I hurried out of her room and down the hallway. And joined everyone on the deck where the cook out and the fun was taking place. I enjoyed the cook out as it was fun and there was a lot of good food. But my mind was else where. Was on the pantyhose in my front pockets and I so badly wanted to try them on. I was nervous though as I kept thinking everytime when Ms. Weber would look at me. I was thinking she would come over and hold her hand out and say ok now take my pantyhose out of ur front pockets and give them back to me. But that never happened. As the cook out was over my mom came by and picked me up and took me back home. When I got home I went up to my room and stayed there. After my mom went to her room to go to bed I went into my sis's room. My sis was on the phone. I told her that I have to tell her something after she gets off the phone. When she finally got off the phone she asked what did I want. I pulled the pantyhose out of my front pockets. She asked where did u get those. I said from my teacher's house out of her drawer when I was there for her cook out today. My sis looked at me with a smile on her face but also a little shocked. She asked Why? I said because I wanted to and I like the color of these pantyhose. My sis looked at them and said they are a very nice type of hose. They are like the ones mom *****advertisement removed by system*****. Oh fyi if you are wondering why I showed my sis the pantyhose is that she new of my hose fetish and was cool with it and didn't say anything about it being weird. So I took the pantyhose and put them in the drawer where my sis kept the pantyhose for me in. MY sis said hey I dare u to wear the biege pantyhose to school tomorrow I said no way ur crazy. I am not going to wear them to school. She said why not chicken if you wear the hose to school and it has to be all day. I will do your chores for the next 2 months. I thought about if for a second and she said oh yeah and no socks. I looked at her and said deal. As not having to do chores for 2 months sounded nice to me. My sis giggled as I took the dare and she looked pretty excited about it as well. Well I went to bed and woke the next morning. It was the norm as usual for getting ready for school. After my shower I went into my room to get dressed I was a little nervous but excited. Just as I was getting ready my sis came in and said here and gave me some white silky panties. She said they will feel better with my pantyhose than with my underwear. My sis then added that if I did wear them she would tac on another 2 weeks to the dare of 2 months of chores. I agreed and put the panties on and found out they don't come all the way up like boys underwear does but they did feel good. Next I put my pantyhose on which felt smooth and soft and silky. After which I put my jeans on which felt nice going over the hose and my shirt and shoes with no socks. Just before we were going downstairs my sis said are u ready I said yes. She made sure I was dare approved. I passed with flying colors. My sis was wear the other pantyhose that I took the drk brwn control top pantyhose. With some jeans a sweater and some black flats. And off to school we went. As my mom drove us to school I was careful when I got in not to let my pant leg slide up as I didn't want my mom to notice. My mom dropped us off at school. My sis said well later and remember all day. I said yeah I know. I was so excited and nervous. As I walked to my locker I was just waiting for someone to say HEY LOOK HE'S WEARING PANTYHOS. But not a word, luckly no P.E. that day or there would have been hell to pay thats a fact. As it was 7th hour and getting close to the end of the day so far so good. Was starting to get nervous as 7th hour was Ms. Weber's class. And I was just dreading it. I was thinking I would walk in and she would be standing there with her hand out saying give me back my pantyhose right now. As I got to her class I noticed she was at the chalk board. Wearing white blouse, black slacks, black pantyhose and black heels. I went and sat in the back and was waiting for class to start. As the other students were walking in I accidently dropped my books off the desk. Just as I was bending down from my seat to pick them up Ms. Weber said here let me help u with those. As she bent down I noticed that she noticed that I was wearing pantyhose. She gathered up my books and placed them on my desk. She looked at me kind of wierd as she wasn't sure but she was about me wearing pantyhose. I was really scared now as I went all day with out incident and now this and its the teachers hose I am wearing let alone taken from her drawer. Ms. Weber walked to the front of the room and got class rolling. As class was going on Ms. weber would be walking the room and a few times I catch her trying to see if she could see if I was wearing pantyhose. I found it ironic later but its always men trying to catch a glimps of womens pantyhosed legs and her she was trying to get a glimpse of mine. When I saw Ms. Weber walking towards where I was sitting I pulled up my pants leg just a bit so she would catch a glimpse and she did. She just finished her walk around the class and checked on the other students and went and sat back at her desk. As the bell rang she stopped me and said that she wanted to see me after school. I said ok. I was so scared, nervous, and excited. All these emotions were going full steam threw my body. Well 8th hour came and went. As I was walking down the hall way I was trying to avoid Ms. Weber but no dice as she was standing by the doors leading out of the school waiting for me. She asked me to accompany her back up to her classroom. As we got back up to her class room and I went in she closed the door and told me to have a seat in the chair by her desk. She sat at her desk quietly with seemed like a long time. Then she asked why I was wearing pantyhose. I said it was just a dare between me and my sis. She said if I wore pantyhose to school all day she would do my chores for 2 1/2 months. Ms. Weber said oh really so did u win the bet then. I said yeah no chores for me at least for 2 1/2 months anyway. Ms. Weber said sounds like u got a good deal then. I said yeah I did. Ms. Weber said so did u like wearing the pantyhose all day. In my head I was like hell yeah I did I loved it. But not sure how she would react to that I said yeah I did they felt pretty good. Nice and soft on my legs. Ms Weber said yeah thats why I wear them, oh by the way why were u in my room looking in my pantyhose drawer when u were at my house yester day. I felt my face get red hot and just flushed. Ms. Weber told me that when she came in from outside to get something in the kitchen she notice he bedroom door was open a little more that she left it. So she went down to see what was going on and she saw me going threw her pantyhose. She then asked if the hose I was wearing were hers. I said yeah pretty quietly. She then said u should have ur sister do 3 months of chores as u wore the pantyhose u stole from the teacher that caught u wearing them. I said are u made she said no I said really why not. Ms. Weber said am just curious why u like to wear pantyhose so no am not mad at u at all. I was so relieved that she wasn't mad or anything of that nature. Ms. Weber had me walk with her out to her car that was in the school parking lot. When we got to her car she opened the trunk and there was a bag in the back. She told me to open it and there were pantyhose in the bag. There were black, drk nvy, drk brwn, biege and nude pantyhose in the bad. She said here now u don't have to raid my pantyhose drawer anymore when u come over to my house for cook outs. I was in awe I put the pantyhose in my back pack. I watched her get into her car and she waved and smiled and drove off from the school parking lot. I walked home still in shock of what had happened. As I got home I went into my sis's room and dumped the pantyhose out of my bag on her bed so I could check them out. Just then she walked in and asked how did it go. I told her the whole story and where the pantyhose came from. She said ur lying. I said no its true the story and where the pantyhose came from. She gave them to me. I told my sis about what Ms. Weber said about our dare that it should be 3 not 2 1/2 months. My sis said you know she's right this is a 3 monther of chores. I told her that maybe we can do the 3 monther of chores on something else as I enjoyed wearing the panties and pantyhose to school. My sis blew a big sigh of releaf, as I knew she didn't want to be doing mine and her chores combined for 3 months. My sis asked how I liked walking around in the panties and pantyhose and if I felt more girly. I told her I did and I did want to walk more fem but I knew I bette not. She agreed as that probably would have been bad. I gathered up my pantyhose treasures and put them back in the bag and took them to my room so I could get a better look at the pantyhose she gave me and to get one pantyhose j/o session in before my mom came home. Oh and my j/o session ended with the drk nvy pair of pantyhose as they were so soft and silkie.