late pantyhose bloomer - Submitted Story


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late pantyhose bloomer - Submitted Story

Post by webmaster » Thu May 05, 2011 10:42 pm

I was a late pantyhose bloomer I started wearing pantyhose around 14 yrs old by wearing my mom's pantyhose. A few times when I would go over to a few of my friends house as they're mom's wore pantyhose I would go hose digging and be checking out the different brands and styles they all wore.

Well when I was 16 yrs. old I spent the night over at my friends house. And his mom wore hose all the time after she would get off from work she would change out of what she was wearing. She would put on some jogging pants over her pantyhose and a t shirt and would sit in the living room and just relaxe for the rest of the evening. Well that night my friends mom was gone out at the bar with some friends. So it was just my friend and me there at his house. We were sitting out in the living room for a while watching tv. I went up to go use the bathroom. After I was done I snuck into his mom's room and looked in her hosiery bag she had hanging on the back of her door. I looked in side and pulled out some coffee colored pantyhose. I smelt the crotch as it had her scent and loved how soft and silky they were. I put them in my pocket and went out into the living room and finished watching tv with my friend all the while thinking about the hose I had in my pocket. Well after a bit we turned in to go to bed his mom handn't gotten home yet. So after a few hours I got up and went into the bathroom to try on the pantyhose. I took my underwear and trunks off. And slid the pantyhose on. Loved how they felt when I slid them on and how they had kind of a shine to them. The were so silky soft I got an immediate erection. As I was standing there in the bathroom looking at my legs feeling them. I then heard his mom's bedroom door open. And heard her footsteps coming towards the bathroom door. I tried to hurry and take the hose off but to late. The door came open and a still buzzing mom came in. She just stopped and looked at me with a what the hell look. She stood there for a moment and then turned around and closed the bathroom door behind her. I took off the hose and put my underwear back on and trunks. As I was walking out of the bathroom. I heard her say come here. In kind of a mean tone. I walked into her bed room as she was standing there in dark biege pantyhose and grey sweats and a t shirt. I said I am so sorry here are your pantyhose back. She looked at me and Said do like pantyhose. I was kind of shocked that we were starting my *** chewing I thought with a question of do you like pantyhose. I said yeah kind quietly. She took the pantyhose from me and put them back in her pantyhose laundry bag. She said you better go off to bed now. I said ok your not going to tell my mom are you. She said well see. As I went back into my friends room and layed down I was so scared as my mom didn't even know of my pantyhose fetish but here my friends mom does. Well morning came and we both got up I jumped in the shower scared to face his mom who was still sleeping. As we were both up and were watching some tv. I heard his mom walking down the hallway. She was wearing some tan pantyhose daisy duke shorts with a dark blue t shirt. She came in and stood by me and asked if us boys were hungry. We both said yeah. I was looking at her pantyhose legs when I answered. She looked back at me when she walked into the kitchen. After she made breakfast she told us to come to the tabel and eat. It was so hard for me to eat as I can't even remember what we ate as I kept thinking of her pantyhose legs and her knowing of me liking to wear hose. After we were done my friend asked if I wanted to go to see one of our other friends. I said yeah he well lets go. As we were getting ready to leave out the door his mom said come here for a sec. As my friend was out the door she was sitting on the couch and said so you like pantyhose do you. I said yes. She said well we might have to do something about that next time u come over. Mind you my friend's mom was a milf. I said ok and she took my hand and glided it up her pantyhose covered calf over her knee to her thigh. And said well you better not keep my son waiting. See you. I replied yeah see you. And left with vivid pantyhhose thoughts in my head out the door