Double date


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Double date

Post by webmaster » Thu May 05, 2011 10:47 pm

I had a few requests to write what happened after the movie incident. Im not a great writer, so I hope everyone enjoys this.

Was a few months after the movie incident, when I went on a double date with my sisters boy friend John and his little brother Mark. Me and My sister had given our dates ******** during the movie. I was embarrassed when my sister found the *** stain on my dress, but she just showed me the *** stain on her dress.

When John wouldcome over to see my sister, I would make myself scarce. I didnt want to face him and possibly let him figure out that I was Beth, my sisters supposed cousin that had sucked his brothers **** at the movies. If we did run into each other at my house, I would just nod and say hay, and John would say hay back. It was pretty casual. He did give me some weird looks, but I hoped he would forget about seeing me in a dress and pantyhose.

My sister never told our parents that I had worn her majorette uniform and was prancing around like a girl. Whe set aside some of her older things for me to wear and bought me some of my own pantyhose. I had to pay her for them of course, which was fine with me. So now I had help from my sister and got alot of good tips on how to look and act feminine. We even went out to the mall onceee to go window shopping together when my parents were at work and we had a day off from school. We didntget anything other than a few pairs of pantyhose for each of us and some bras and panties. But it was an exilerating afternoon walking around the mall in a skirt and pantyhose trying on other skirts and dresses in stores.

As I said it was a few months after the movie incident. My sister was going to be gone all weekend with some of her friends. One of my sisters rich girlfriends had an uncle in california that owned a mansion with a pool and tennis courts on the property. Sis's friend had invited my sister and a bunch of other friends to go there over easter break weekend. My parents were to thrilled with her going, but my sister assurred them that there were going to be alot of adult chaperones to make sure nothing happened to a bunch of teen girls. So my parents relented and lt her go.

My pareents also dcided to get away together for a long weekend themselves. I couldnt go with my sister eeven though I really wanted to go and hang out with all the other girls and do wild giirl things with them. My parents decide I was old enought to stay home alone, but gave me phone numbers for everywhere they were going to be plus the cell phone numbers. I was given strict rules about no parties. No problem since I had so few friends. parents also said they would call to check on me each night. The more I thought about it, the better the idea was of being home alone. My sister told me not to wear any of her things that she hasnt alrady put in her closet for me. So it was decided. I would be home alone and would be a girl for the whole time until my parents returned on sunday evening.

Friday morning my parents packed their stuff into the car along with my sisters stuff to take her to the airport. I gave everyone a hug and walked them all to the car and watched them drive away. I got the no visitors lecture and mom verified I had all the numbers to reach her and dad. i waited until a half hour after my sister flight was suppose to take off before I started to put my weekend plan into action. I knew I had until sunday after 6pm before anyone returned because my sisters return flight got in about 5:15pm on susnday and my parents were picking her up.

I started by taking a long bubble bath with my sisters bath beads in the water. I made sure i was shaved clean. Legs, arm pits, face (no hair) and chest. i also trimmed my pubic hair to a triangle and thinned it out so it would look neat in my panties. I knew I would have to be careful in gym class so no one would see my new pube dew, until it grew back.

I was padding to my sisters room with a towel wrapped around my chest like a girl when I heard the doorbell ring. I was like, who the F could be here today of all days. I went to my room and put on sweat pants and a t-shirt and went to answer the door. I was surprised to see John was the one on the other side of the door.

John asked if he could come in. I stepped back and he walked in and went to the living room. I told John that my sis was gone for the weekend to california. John said he already knew that, he had stopped over to see me.

Why me? I asked

I know it was you and not some girl named Beth that went to the movies.

I kind of went red and got real scared. I mean I couldnt lie to him, he would beat me up either way. "So what do you want with me?" I asked.

John just smiled and told me that all his brother Mark coudl talk about was Beth and how she had given him the best ******* of his life. John admitted that That was probably the only ******* his brother had gotten in his life. john looked at me and said " You really looked good that night and I kind of wanted to see if you gave as good of head as your sister does."

I was blushing bad and wasnt able to speak. John told me to go put something pretty on and come back down. I was scared but complied with Johns request. I resumed my walk to my sisters room, only wearing my sweat pants and a t-shirt insted of my towel wrapped girly style. I found the blue bra and panty set that i wanted to wear and put them on. I stuffed my bra with some additional panties to make a bustline. I opened up a new package of nononsense black pantyhose and slid them up my legs. I smoothed out th epantyhose on my legs and made sure the cotton panel was over the center of my panties. I pulled out the black chiffon skirt my sister had given me from her closet and steppd into it. I put on a blue blouse and tucked the ends into my skirt. i found some black pumps and slipped them on my pantyhose clad feet. i went to my sisters vanity and put on my makeup. Foundation, lipstick (red), eye lashes (black), eye liner, eye shadow (blue) and a little bit of blush on my cheeks. I Brushed my hair over my shoulders and blotted my lips on a kleenex and went to see John.

Let me teel you my knees were shaking in my pantyhose as I descended the stairs. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I went into the living room to face John. I found him sitting on the couch waiting for me. He looked at me with a surprised look on his face. I stopped about 5 feet from him, held the end of my skirt and twirled like I had seen my sister do for my mom on many occassions. i asked him whathe thought. John just kept staring at me and said he liked what he saw.

John patted the couch next to him for me to sit down. I smoothed my skirt under me and sat next to John. John put his arm around my shoulder and leaned back and kind of pulled me closer to him. I wasnt sure what was gonna happen next. John surprised me by turning on the TV with the remote and changing the channel to some sitcom. We watched the show togehter. As the show progressed, I found myself laying my head more on Johns chest. When the show was over he asked if I had any soft drinks.

i got up and went into the kitchen and got us each a can of coke and returned to sit by John. he leaned forward and took a drink form his can and set it back on the table. John sat back and pulled me close to him and sat me on his lap. He leaned my head back on the couch arm rest and leaned forward and started to kiss me. His left arm was around my neck, his right arm was down with his hand rubbing my legs over my pantyhose. i had both my arms wrapped around Johns neck as we kissed more passionately. I felt Johns tongue go into my mouth while we kissed. I felt Johns hand slide up and down my legs and kept getting a little more under my skirt. My **** was starting to grow in my panties. While we kissed, I felt Johns fingers brish my panties under my skirt and touch my ****. I opened my eyes in shock, then he cupped my **** thru my panties and pantyhose and held it there while we kissed. Johns fingers were reeking havock on my nerves in my **** as he kept pumping my **** and kissing me.

Next thing I know John stops and has me stand up. John then stood up himself and had me lay back on the couch. John grabbed the end of my skirt and lifted it up past my waist to expose my panties and cotton pannel of my pantyhose. I didnt stop him because I didnt know what he had in mind. John then took off his pants and underwear and I saw his super hard ****. John spread my legs and laid on top of me. His **** was centered on the crotch of my pantyhose. he started to kiss me again and slowly rub his **** on my **** thru my panties and pantyhose. The friction felt so good, I had to reached down and untuck my **** and let it poke straight up in my panties. I also rubbed Johns ****, it felt so big compared to mine.

It seemed like hours tht we were grinding on each others *****. John stopped and leaned back on the other side of the couch and pointed at his ****. I knew he wanted me to suck his ****. i got up and pulld my skirt down and got between Johns legs and started to lick his **** from the head to his balls. i opened my mouth wide and let his **** slid between my lips. I stopped when I had as much of his **** in mymouth as I could take. I felt Johns hands on the back of my head. Slowly I started to go up and down on Johns ****. My drool was coating his **** and making it slip easier in and out of my mouth. Soon I was bobbing up and down like a piston, Johns fingers were fluffing my hair. I could hear loud moans from John. Then he held my head tight and let out a loud groan as he came in my mouth. Alot of *** slipped out the corner of my lips and ran down the shaft of Johns ****. When he let go of my head,, I slid my lips up and down the shaft more and sucked up as much *** as I could. As his **** deflated I licked and sucked what remaining *** I could find and suck hard on the slit of his **** to get any left over *** in there. I didnt relize it, but I had *** in my panties while sucking Johns ****.

John got up and put back on his underwear and pants and took another drink from his coke. I stood up and tucked my **** back between my legs in my panties and pulled my panties and pantyhose up. I made sure everything was in the right place and also took a drink of coke. It tasted good mixing the coke with Johns *** in my throat. We both took turns going to the bathroom and cleaning up. I took a little longer because I had to fix my makeup. We spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch holding each other and just talking. It wasnt what I expexted.

I did give John another ******* before he left that day. He also jacked me off in my panties until I came.

More happened, But the story is already long enough.. Hope everyone enjoyed it.