Caught by my sister.


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Caught by my sister.

Post by webmaster » Thu May 05, 2011 10:47 pm

First time I was caught was by my sister and her friends. My sister was a majorette and I loved to see her and her friends in their majorette uniforms practicing at our house.

When my sister and parents were gone for an afternoon I decided to try on my sisters majorette uniform. It consisted of a red and black leotard, tan shiny pantyhose and a black skirt

I went into her room and took of my clothes. I got her uniform from her closet and her pantyhose from the drawer I knew she kept them in. I had watched my mom put on her pantyhose many times, so I knew how the pantyhose were suppose to go on.

When I slid the pantyhose up my legs I got an instant hard on. I looked at myself in my sisters vanity mirror wearing only her pantyhose. I felt so sexxy.

Next I put on the leotard. the crotch looked funny because of my hard on. I pulled the leotard back down to my thighs and lowered my pantyhose. Then I tucked by **** back. Was kind of painful because I had a full woody. But it helped my **** to stop being hard. When my **** was soft again, I tucked it firmly back between my butt cheeks and pulled my pantyhose up tight. Then i slid the leotard into placeto hold my **** there. It was pretty close to a real girls crotch in a leotard, wasnt so obvious i was a boy now.

I put the skirt on next and it hid any tell tale signs of my boyhood. I put my sisters majrette boots on and looked at myself in the mirror again. WOW, was Hot looking. My hair was kind of long because I hadnt had it cut in a long time. I put one of my sisters scrunchies in my hair like I had seen her do so many times. Then I put some red lipstick on and started pretending to do some majorette marches like I had seen my sister and her friends do.

It was really exciting, I started to get hard again, but my **** was tucked up and trapped by my pantyhose and the leotard. I had to stop for a minute because it was getting kind of painful.

I was so entranced in my reflection and the feel of the pantyhose on my legs and the leotard keeping my **** in check that I missed hearing the front door open.

Before I knew it my sis was standing at her door way looking at me. She screamed "What are you doing you little perv?"

I ran past my sister to my room and shut the door and put all my weight behind it so she couldnt come in. My sister tried opening my door, but couldnt do it.

My sister yelled threw the door "If you dont open up now, im gonna call mom and dad. This scared me themost, i didnt want my parents to know.

I opened the door and stood back by my bed. My sister came in and looked me up and down. It kind of gave me the creeps the way she ws looking at me. "Hows it feel to be a majorette?" she asked me.

I was too scared to answer her. "You look really cute in that uniform. Maybe you should have been born a girl." I turned red with embarrassment, but it also was turning me on.

My sister said she wouldnt tell mom and dad on me if I did her a favor. She needed me to help her out. John a guy she was dating had to take his brother out with them to the movies tonight and she wanted me to go with her as her sister to keep Johns brother occupied while they made out in the theater.

i agreed to do it as long as she promised to never tell anyone and that I was her visiting cousin, not her sister. My sister agreed and told me to go to her room to get ready for our dates.

I felt sad when I had to take off the boots, leotard and pantyhose. My sister gave me a pair of shinyblack pantyhoe to put on with a pair of satin black panties. The panties felt wonderful cupping my **** and the pantyhose kept my **** in place again. My sister put a balck padded bra on me and put some extra padding in the bra to make it look like I was starting to grow breasts. My sis gave me a pink full slip to put on then she had me put on a light purple dress.

I watched my sister get dressed in almost the same dress i was wearing excpet hers was blue and she wore suntan pantyhose. My sister fussed with my hair, then hers. Then she put make up on both of us and we waited around for John to show up. It wasnt long we heard John honkig the horn for my sis to get out there.

When we got to the car John w suprised to see 2 girls, not just my sister. My sis told him I was her cousin Beth thatwas over for the weekend. John seemed a little pissed, but my sis whispered something in his ear and he started grinning. i got in theback seat with Johns brother Mark. He was the same age as me, but he went to a different school than me.

When we got to the movies, John bought the tickets, sodas and popcorn. We sat in the back of the theater. My sis and John went to the far side of the back seats and they told me & mark to go the other side so they could be alone. I ididnt really want to be alone with Mark, but what choice did I have. We made small talk until the lights dimmed and the movie previews were showing on the screen. I looked over at my sis and John and saw theywere kissing. Mark also saw this and had a big smile on his face

When the theater was fully dark and the movie was blaring I noticed Mark was rubbing my leg. It felt good to have someone else rubbing my leg with pantyhose on. There wasnt anyone anywhere close to us and it ws dark enough that no one could see what we were doing in the back row. mark put his arm around me and pulled me to him and kissed me on the lips while still rubbing my leg. I leaned over in my chair and crossed my legs in case his hand went any higher and felt my **** in my panties. My hand was on his chest and I started kissing him back.

After about 5 minutes of kissing and him rubbing my leg and the other hand on my boob, I found my hand resting on his **** and felt it getting hard. i dont know what made me do it, but I unbuttoned the top button of his jeans and lowered his zipper. I reached in and took his hard **** out of his underwear and started to rub it slowly. Mark stopped kissing me and grabbed my shoulders and looked at me. i got a wry smile on my face and slipped to my knees in ftont of him. mark lifted his butt up so I could lower his jeans further, then I kneeled between his legs and took his **** into my mouth.

A little moan slipped form marks lips as I sucked on his ****. Im glad they had the sound track turned up pretty loud. It covered his moans and my sucking noises. Mark suddenly stiffened and held my head on his **** as he started ******* in my mouth. i swallowed all his *** and licked his **** clean. When he was threw ******* and i cleaned off his ****, Mark pulled his jeans back on and I sat back down in my seat. We mostly just sat there and watched the movie together. i dont even remeber what the movie was. I let him slip his hand up my dress, but stopped him before he could touch my crotch.

When the movie was over we all went to the car and John drove me and my sis home. John gave my sister a long passionate kiss in the front seat. Mark not wanting to be beat by his brother kissed me also.

Me and my sister went into the house, We had to be quiet because my parent were already in bed and I didnt want to be caught in my sisters dress by them. We got into my sisters room and she asked "What was that kiss all about?" I had to blush. I iddnt want to tell her what happened at the movies. Sis tol me to take off my dress and give it to her. When she had the dress in her hands she noticed the *** stain on the bustline. i guess I missed some. My sister just smiled and showed me the *** stain on her dress. She had given John a ******* also.

Was a very interesting day for me.