CheerLeader and the Bear


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CheerLeader and the Bear

Post by webmaster » Thu May 05, 2011 10:54 pm

Back when I was in high school I was a cheerleader for our school football team. Thats right lil Roberta the co captain of all things. No I didn't gang bang the whole team! Actualy I did date them all one at a time but thats another story. I was one of the little heart throbs with the bubble butt and big boobs that would make the team members dads get hard while sitting in the bleachers watching the game. I had this good friend and neighbor on the squad, Jenny who's dad would bring us to the games and to our practices. Actually he was her step father which was easy to see because Jenny was fair and blonde, and her step dad was Greek or Italian I think. He was always so nice to me. It was easy to see by the big bulge in his pants that he loved to watch our practices. He hardly could take his eyes off me throughout our performances. I could feel his eyes at my pussy whenever I did the splits. And this made my pussy drip to the point that my little cheerleading pantys were soaked with pussy cum.

Well one day he showed up to take me to a game by himself. Jenny hadn't been feeling good and decided to stay home in bed. Oh boy, when our eyes met I think we both got a little red in the face, because in the back of our minds I think we both had dreamed of this situation. So off to the game we went making small talk on the way. I really gave it my all that night. The thought of his eyes glued to my pussy and bouncing boobs made me hotter than ever that night. Then I had one of the most horniest ideas. I decided to pull my panties over to the side and give him a good look at the pussy his beaming eyes couldn't quite reach. Here came the cheer and here I came too!! I couldn't help it. It made me so hot to bare my little pussy for him and any other of the parents that happened to be watching! I actually felt dizzy with lust that flooded my nyphomaniac body.Well our team won! That made the night all the more special.

When I came around to the parking lot he was there waiting. I ran to him and gave him a hug exclaiming "We won"! I was trembling as we touched. So off we went driving down some pretty rural roads on our way. My pussy was on fire. All I could think about was my pussy and that I had bared it to him earlier naked and wet! Down the road we went and my legs just started to spred open. What he didn't know was that at the showers I had removed my panties! My legs kept spreading little at a time mile by mile till it was noticable and my knee was laying on his leg. Thats when he looked down and saw the glistening treat he' been dreaming of. My heart skipped a beat! His hand whent down and rested on my thigh. We looked at each other and when I showed no resistance his large gorrila hand slid to my pussy.

God what a rush of naughty pleasure! His big fat finger went right into that horny pussy hole and my pussy just gripped it as he fingerd my dripping hole. Thats when he spun the car off the road and into a little forest preserve place with a small parking lot. His finger popped out of my cunt to slam the car into park and with that he jumped out of the car, came around and lifted me out and up in the air as if I were a ballerina. I came to a gental landing as he rested me on the hood with my legs spread wide open. He then stepped back and removed his shirt exposing a massive hairy body. He looked like a big bear westling with his trowsers. Down they came and so did I when I saw that huge purple headed cock explode from his pants! It had the most massive pubic hair mound I'd ever dreamed a man could have. It looked like a big afro with this big fat purple cock just jetting out and pointing straight at my dripping pussy hole! I let out a sigh and he came for me. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me right onto his massive boner. I squealed as my lubricated pussy stretched for that huge dick He pumped me furiously mashing that curly black pubic mound against my cunt. Rubbing my clit that was really sticking out from the way I was positioned. He ripped open my shirt and gobbled my busting breasts which you know are my weakness! He pumped and pumped as he chewed my erect nipples. I was in ecstacy! I had a real grown man pumping a huge cock into my tight yong pussy hole! It was all I could take and I laid over backwards on the hood which gave him extra penetration. He burried that bloated helmet to the bottom of my cunt stretching it far beyond anything I'd ever experienced. Thats when I lost it ! I started to buckel and moan as my cunt gave away to that meat and I started to orgasm! The longest most intense orgasm I had ever had! He sank his big cock deep into my stretched hole and just started blasting cum into me! Great big huge squirts erupted into me. I could feel the force of his load blasting against the bottom and walls of my receptive pussy hole! Sqirt after squirt of hot sperm filled me. I had know idea that those big hairy balls could hold so much cum! When he had finished draining his balls in me, my cunt squeezed his cock out and his cum ran down the inside of my thighs. I laid there spent and naked across the hood of his car, right on the side of the road for anyone to see. A little cheer leader spread out naked with cum dripping from her exposed pussy hole. We both got dressed and drove home not saying a word to one another. He just dropped me off, smiled and said see you next game!