Tied Up In Tights


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Tied Up In Tights

Post by webmaster » Thu May 05, 2011 10:58 pm

My girlfriend Cindy and I share a passion for tights, leotards and cat suits as well as bondage. I love to watch her work out and get very aroused by the colorful outfits she wears and she knows it too. She has an awesome body with long blond hair and spectacular huge round tits. We love to play and tease each other through the tight shiny second skin of her spandex body wear, usually ending up in wild passionate love making with her being tied up. She loves the feeling of spandex and always wears tights and leotards around the house.

One day when I came home from work she was already working out in the living room wearing red tights and a matching red long sleeve leotard. I immediately began to get excited and sat down to watch her, She knew I was watching and she liked to show off and tease me by bending over and stretching in front of me and spreading her legs. She would work her way over to me every few minutes and kiss me deeply while putting her hand on my crotch and squeezing. I ran my hands all over her body taking in as much as I could before she went back to stretching again.

After about 10 or 15 minutes of going back and forth and teasing my cock she told me to take my clothes off. She continued to bend and stretch as I was undressing and when I was completely naked she slinked over and pushed me down on the couch brushing her big lycra covered breasts against my chest. She started at the other end of the couch and laid on top of me slowly sliding all the way up my body pausing to pull her leotard down and wrap her tits around my cock, making sure I was paying attention to her every move. She sat back in the opposite corner and began rubbing her legs against mine and gently massaging my cock and balls with her tights feet. The feel of the spandex on my legs and the sensation of her feet touching me was driving me crazy. I sat up and began to run my hands over her body again. She told me I was getting too excited and I should go take a shower to cool down. We stood up and continued to kiss and caress and press against each other. I grabbed her ass and pulled her close as we ran our hands all over each other and I pressed her up against the wall almost lifting her off the ground. We were both getting excited and I could feel her wetness through the thin material on my hard cock. I was in heaven or so I thought. She pushed me back and told me again to go take a shower. On our way through the bedroom I pressed my cock up against her ass from behind and grabbed her breasts with both hands to feel her body through the tight spandex one more time. She jumped a little, moaned, and then pushed me into the bathroom.

She liked to be tied up and fucked while wearing tights and leotards so I was expecting to see her lying on the bed with a pile of ropes and bondage accessories still wearing her red tights and leotard when I got out of the shower. All sorts of fantasies were running through my head and I never lost my erection in the shower thinking of things to come. Little did I know what was in store for me that night.

After a quick shower and drying my hair I opened the bathroom door and my jaw almost hit the floor. She was standing in the bedroom door and had changed into a full-length black cat suit with 5" spike platform heels! I barely had time to notice the big pile of ropes on the bed. I stopped dead in my tracks and was at a complete loss for words. She also had on long spandex gloves and was completely covered except for her head. I also noticed that she had something in her hand. She threw what turned out to be her red tights at me and said, "Put these on". I had always wanted to wear them with her and sometimes wore them when she wasn't around but wasn't sure how she would react. I paused a minute and she watched as I pulled them up my legs. It felt wonderful and the crotch was still a little damp from her wetness, which was a big turn on. She stalked over to me and running her hand down my chest, grabbed my cock and told me it was her turn to be in charge tonight. "This too" she said, as she handed me the red leotard. I think I turned as red as the tights I was wearing but I pulled up the leotard as instructed and worked my arms through the sleeves. She told me how cute and sexy I looked in her red tights. She told me to turn around as she grabbed a piece rope off the bed and tied my hands tightly behind my back. I was rock hard and she stroked my erection as she pressed against me kissing me backwards until I fell on the bed. She sat me on the edge of the bed and knelt down running her hands and mouth all over my legs and crotch, giving me a good view of her gorgeous tits and black feet in her 5" black spike heels with the little ankle straps.

She then grabbed another rope and tied my ankles tightly together. She stood up, straddling my bound legs and pulled the top of her cat suit down letting me suck on her nipples with my hands bound behind my back while she played with my cock. I told her how much I loved this and how sexy she looked in her cat suit and heels and how good it felt to be tied up and wearing tights. She pulled her top back up and said "Hmmmm, that's enough talking for now" and, reaching behind me into the pile of ropes pulled out the red ball gag which was usually in her mouth by now. I started to protest and she grabbed me by the balls and said "You'd better open up if you want to get off tonight". I took a breath to say something but she was already pushing the ball into my mouth and buckling the strap before pushing me back on to the bed. I was now laying half on the bed wearing a red leotard and tights with my hands tied behind my back, my feet tied together and a matching red ball gag in my mouth being teased by a gorgeous blond wearing a black cat suit and spike heels.

I was loving every second of it. I mmmphed into the gag, totally at her mercy and anticipating her next touch. She grabbed another piece of rope and after tying my knees together started kissing my cock through the layers of spandex. I was moaning with pleasure into my gag. Then she went to the drawer and got another pair of tights and wrapped them around and around over my ball gag a couple times before tying them off behind my head. She told me that I should have listened better when she told me to go take a shower. She took another piece of rope and climbing up onto the bed behind me, tied my elbows together behind my back causing me to mmmph into my gag even more. She pushed me back down and helped me up on to the middle of the bed. She pulled her top down again to show me what I couldn't touch and toyed with me for a while playing with my cock and rubbing her spandex covered body against mine. I was in heaven being tightly bound and gagged and being teased while wearing tights. She ran her hands and legs all over my body as I wiggled around trying to get closer to her, begging for more through the gag. She said she thought I needed to settle down a little so she flipped me over, took another piece of rope and pulling my legs back tied my ankles to my wrists in a strict hogtie. I was really mmmphing loudly into the gag now. Sitting beside me rubbing her hands all over my crotch, legs, ass and feet, she told me she wanted me to experience what I had been doing to her all this time. I went nuts squirming wildly and moaning into the gag. She rolled me on to my side and rubbed herself all over my entire body driving me wild and causing me to thrash around while feeling her cat suit and heels through my tights.

She helped me back farther on the bed and laid in front of me facing the opposite direction grinding her ass on my hard cock. We were both moaning with pleasure. Then she turned around and slid down in front of me, unsnapping the leotard and pulling my cock out of the tights. She then proceeded to give me an incredible blowjob, swishing her tongue all up and down the shaft, kissing, sucking and fondling it with her lips and her gloved hands. She stopped just when I was going to come and gave the ropes holding my wrists to my ankles a quick jerk. She told me I was not to come until after she did or I would stay like this all night. She got up and said she was going to get a drink and check her email. I mmmphed and wiggled in protest as she tucked my cock back inside the tights and snapped the leotard back into place. Then she reached behind her into the pile of ropes and pulled out our thick leather padded blindfold and held it up for me to see. I shook my head but she just smiled, slipped the blindfold over my eyes and buckled the strap. I could hear her heels clicking in the kitchen as I tested my bondage and flopped around on the bed in ecstasy, feeling safe, secure, and extremely horny. It was an incredible feeling being hogtied, gagged and blindfolded while wearing tights and a leotard.

She returned several minutes later and begin gently stroking and kissing my hard cock through the two layers of spandex causing me to jump. Pulling her top down again, she pressed her huge breasts against my face, teasing me and making me wish I could see and use my mouth but I could only make mmmphing noises through the double gag. Then she went behind me and slid down my back until her breasts were firmly in my hands and my bound red feet were touching her crotch. I struggled as best I could to caress and squeeze and play with her nipples and tits and rub my toes between her legs. I was loving every minute of it and so was she. She climbed over me again and laid down with her back to me pressing her ass against my hard spandex covered cock. I squirmed up against her and humped her ass as best I could through the tights and leotard while hogtied and moaning into my gag. She was moaning too and I could tell she was very hot and very wet. She reached back and unsnapping my leotard pulled my tights down a little and backed up to me again. She opened her legs and rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her clit through the slit in her cat suit. My sex drive skyrocketed as she used me to pleasure herself to orgasm by rubbing my cock right where she wanted it with her spandex gloved fingers. I was mmmphing like crazy into my gag, trying not to cum and begging to fuck her when she thrust herself back down on to my hard cock. I was straining and struggling furiously in the tight bondage as she slid herself up and down my shaft pushing back again and again plunging me deep into her pussy. In a matter of seconds I exploded into the most incredible orgasm I have ever had. We lay motionless and exhausted on the bed for a while with me still inside her, hog-tied, gagged and blindfolded. After a few minutes she slid up off me and reaching over, untied the rope connecting my wrists to my ankles. I stretched out with a moan of contentment and rolled over. She removed the blindfold, pulled up my tights and snapped the leotard back over my crotch. She told me to be good and not to go anywhere while she got ready for bed. I mmmphed into my gag again wanting to be released but she told me to just relax as I watched her take off her heels and catsuit and go in the bathroom to take a shower.

When she came out she put on a pair of cozy white cable knit schoolgirl tights that she often wore to sleep in and climbed into bed with me. She finished untying me, unbuckled the ball gag and helped me pull off my leotard but told me to leave my tights on. She said she wanted me to wear them to bed with her and sleep in them. It was a dream come true. As we kissed and cuddled I told her that was my secret fantasy. She told me she heard of a place where we could do this all we wanted. It was a private resort that specialized in spandex, tights, leotards, and bondage. They even had attendants that would tie us both up together anytime we wanted. I told her that sounded wonderful and we would make a reservation tomorrow for the next week. We made passionate love again and fell asleep in each other's arms.
After last night Cindy discovered that she liked the idea of me wearing tights too and that I was the one all tied up instead of her for a change. She always wore tights and leotards around the house and loved being tied up and having sex while wearing them. It was a fetish fantasy for both of us. She loved the feeling of tight spandex on her gorgeous body and often wore sexy high heels that matched her colorful outfits knowing the effect it had on me. I was always running my hands all over her body squeezing her big round tits and grabbing her ass while she worked around the house in her sexy tights knowing I would eventually tie her up and make love to her.

Last night was a different story however, and the beginning of a whole new adventure. I had tried on her tights a few times before and loved how they felt on my legs. I had even experimented with her high heels a couple times while jacking off when she wasn t home so I didn t object very much when she said she wanted to see how her tights looked on me. She got really excited watching me put them on and was looking like a dominatrix in her black catsuit and 5 spike heels. She had kept me bound and gagged for hours in her red tights and leotard teasing me the whole time until she finally fucked my brains out before untying me and we drifted off to sleep. Being tied up in tights was something I had always fantasized about and turned out to be a whole lot more fun than I could imagine!

We woke up around noon on Saturday and she was still wearing a pair of her white cable knit schoolgirl tights that she always slept in and I was still wearing the red tights she had told me to leave on all night. We squirmed around under the blankets rubbing our legs together and I kissed her passionately and sucked on her nipples while rubbing her crotch. I rolled her over and started humping her ass and kissing her neck while I played with her tits until I came in my tights and all over her ass. She loves it when I come anywhere on her gorgeous body.

She got out of bed still wet and horny and told me she wanted me to be her slave for the weekend after getting a taste of being in control last night. Trying not to seem too eager I said that wasn t fair and that we should take turns because she loved it too. She readily agreed and said she would even go first. We agreed on taking turns every few hours and we could dress each other however we wanted from the vast collection of tights, leotards, and bondage equipment that we had built up over the last year or so. Most of the tights and leotards already had slits cut in the crotch from our previous games.

After eating breakfast still wearing our tights, we took a shower together. Since she had agreed to go first I picked out 2 pair of tights for her to wear. Thick blue ones to start with and shiny silver sparkly ones to go on top of them. I decided to leave her topless and you could see the desired effect of blue color flashing through the sparkles in her sexy silver tights when the light hit them just right. I pulled long tube socks over her hands and up her arms making her hands in to useless mittens and tied her hands securely behind her back. Reaching in to our toy box I gagged her with the big red ball gag and sat her on the edge of the bed. She squirmed around and played with her shiny silver feet cooing into her gag and watching as I pulled on a pair of her thick shiny black tights and worked them up over my rock hard cock.

Not quite finished with her yet I tied her elbows tightly together behind her back forcing her huge round tits out in front. Kneeling down I tied her ankles and knees together, stopping to pay close attention to her nipples and fingering her pussy to keep her on the edge. I stood her up and forced her to hop bound and gagged out to the living room. I guided her in front of me grabbing her shiny spandex covered ass and playing with her bouncing tits the whole way to distract her as she slowly struggled along mmphing and moaning into her gag. I pushed her down on the couch and turned on the TV. I sat down next to her and pulled her close putting my arm around her and brushing her long blond hair away from her gag. I grabbed big handfuls of her tits and ran my hands over her sexy bound body and settled in to watch the football game.

I really loved having her horny and helpless wearing her sexy tights sitting beside me as we often did while watching TV, except this time I was wearing tights too. After the 1st quarter she moved back a little and pulled her sexy bound feet up under her ass and snuggled into me making mmphing and begging sounds into her gag as I continued to play with her body while watching the game. I reached down to touch her pussy and she was really on fire. I could feel her wetness through both pair of tights and worked my fingers in and out of her pussy a few times through the slits as she moaned persistently into her gag, I reached over to the end table and grabbed another piece of rope and tied her mitten hands and sexy silver feet together in a sitting hogtie. She was really squirming loudly now but I just ignored her and kept playing with her body while I watched the game.

When half time came I pulled my cock out through the slit in the shiny black tights I was wearing and unbuckled her gag. Without a word she instantly went down on me taking the whole thing in her mouth. Still hogtied in her silver tights with her hands trapped in their mittens she licked and sucked me for all she was worth. Just before I was about to come I pushed her off me and buckled the ballgag back in her willing mouth. I untied her shiny legs and feet and pulled her up on top of me. She instantly started humping my exposed cock through both pair of her tights and making sexy moaning noises in to her gag. Lifting her up a little I used my fingers to guide my cock up through the slits in the crotch of her tights and up into her already hot juicy pussy.

She slammed down on me and rode me like a rodeo horse with her wrists and elbows tied behind her screaming into her gag while I sucked on her nipples until we both exploded into a wild orgasm. I had to hold onto her to keep her from losing her balance and falling off my lap onto the floor until she finished coming and finally collapsed on top of me. After a few minutes I untied her arms and unbuckled the gag. We snuggled on the couch in our tights under a nice warm blanket and watched the rest of the game.

As we lay next to each other rubbing our bodies and spandex covered legs together she started fondling my cock again and told me she liked the sock mittens and didn t want to take them off. It felt wonderful and I started to get hard again. When the game was over we stripped down and took another shower together. After we got out and dried off she asked me if I remembered our deal and said it was her turn to have some fun and she was going to dress me any way she wanted including bondage! I grinned from ear to ear secretly wanting more and anxiously waited for further instructions.
Reaching into one of her dozens of drawers filled with tight spandex she handed me 2 pair of her ultra shiny purple tights and told me put them on. Not wanting to go back on our deal, I pulled on both pair of tights as instructed as she was watching and putting on a pair of her own shiny pink tights. If you ve ever worn 2 pair of tights before you know how tightly they cling and the added sensation you get as they hug your legs and crotch. She rubbed her tits with one hand and reached into the toy box with a devious smile. She pulled out a handful of gags and said, Lets make this interesting, we are both going to be gagged while I tie you up!

I thought she would tie me up first before gagging me but the thought of being tied up by a girl in pink tights with a gag in her mouth sent shivers up my spine. It s usually the kind of thing you only see in bondage videos. My cock was rock hard as she approached me holding the large leather training gag that she had worn so many times before. My heart was pounding with anticipation and I opened wide as she eased the big wad of leather into my mouth for the first time and buckled the straps around and over my head and under my chin. The soft leather filled my mouth completely and stretched my jaws a little but was still fairly comfortable.

I didn t even try to complain, not that it would have done any good because I could hardly make any kind of muffled noise at all through the huge gag and I had agreed she could do anything she wanted to me. After my gag was firmly in place, she handed me the pink ball gag matching her pink tights and turned around to let me work it into her mouth. She loved it when the bondage was color coordinated with her tights. Lifting her long blond hair back, I buckled the strap firmly behind her head and grabbed her tits from behind and humped her ass causing us both to moan with pleasure into our gags.

I was really excited now and filled with anticipation as she turned back around. We explored and caressed each other s bodies for a few minutes in our pink and purple tights, unable to speak or kiss. She shook her head no and mmphed into her gag as she pushed me away and then handed me a black long sleeve leotard. She watched as I put my feet through the leg holes and slid it up my legs but stopped me short to pull my very hard cock out through the slits in the 2 pair of purple tights and gently stroked it as I moaned into my gag. It was obvious now that my cock would be trapped between the tights and the leotard, and completely surrounded by spandex. She returned the favor of pulling long tube socks over my hands and up my arms and helped me finish pulling the leotard up over the rest of my body and worked my hands through the arms making sure they were useless in their mittens.

I loved the way the leotard pulled up snugly around my balls trapping my cock against the tights and the way the sock mittens felt on my hands knowing they were trapped inside by the sleeves of the leotard. I immediately started attacking her body and begging through the gag. She pushed me back again and turned me around. Tying my useless hands tightly behind my back she sat me on the edge of the bed so I could watch as she put on another pair of shiny pink tights and strap on her sexy pink 6 spike heels with clear platforms. Cindy knows I love to see her topless in her tights and heels and bent over fingering her pussy through the tights to tease me as I mmphed into my gag for attention. She stood up and bounced her big tits around in front of me to show them off.

She played with her nipples and cunt for a few minutes giving me a good show and making sexy noises into her gag as I sat there squirming helplessly bound and gagged in her leotard and tights watching her play with herself. She danced over to me and put her tits in my face just to drive me crazy and then unbuckled her gag and laughed at me. I protested into my large leather gag but all that came out was muffled unintelligible noises. She just ignored me and reached into the toy box pulled out another big handful of rope and put it on the bed next to me.

She helped me up off the bed and grabbed my ass as she caressed my cock telling me how good I looked in her purple tights and black leotard. She told me how excited it made her to know that she was in control and as long as I was all tied up and gagged she could do anything she wanted to me. Picking up a piece of rope she tied my elbows together and she said she wasn t going to make them too tight because I wasn t used to it and she wanted me to be comfortable because I was going to be like that for a while. I mmphed into my gag in a question sort of grunt.

She told me I was going to be her tights slave for the rest of the day like she wanted in the first place and I was free to wander about the house bound and gagged like she had done so many times before as long as I was good while she went about her normal daily routine. She also made sure to tell me she would take advantage of me whenever she wanted just like I did to her. I really protested into my gag now because that wasn t part of the deal but she just squeezed her tits towards me, buckled the pink ball gag back in her mouth and rubbed her shiny clit. She came over to me and gave me a big hug and a gagged kiss and then walked out of the bedroom in her sexy pink tights and killer heels.

Naturally I followed her out to the living room bound and gagged in her purple tights and black leotard and watched her as she picked up and put away a few things making sure to show me her tits and ass at every opportunity. She pushed me down on the couch and tied my purple feet together and pulled them up behind me hogtying them to my wrists while she vacuumed to keep me out of the way. I mmphed into my gag and my mitten hands were useless in trying to get free. She stopped to rub my cock for a few minutes when she passed by my side of the room and gave it gagged kisses causing me to squirm in my bondage and moan into my gag. I thought I was going to lose it just watching her do her housework voluntarily gagged in her pink tights and heels. When she was done vacuuming she released the hog tie rope so I could stretch out and sit up and watch as she went about her the rest of her housework.

After about 10 minutes of dusting she finally got back over to my side of the room again and stopped for a few minutes to play with me some more. She straddled my lap on the couch and ground her pussy on my cock moaning into her gag and shoving her delicious tits into my gagged face as I buried my head in her chest. I wanted to fuck her right then and there but she wasn t done teasing me yet and I had the feeling it was a going to be a long time before she would let me free. She slid off my lap down to the floor and pulled the crotch of my leotard aside exposing my rock hard cock that was dripping with pre-cum. She unbuckled the gag from her sexy mouth and let it hang around her neck and sucked me hard until I almost shot my load down her throat. She stopped suddenly and snapped the leotard back around my cock and balls and finished dusting as I sat there helplessly bound and gagged in her tights and leotard.

When she was done with the living room she went out to the kitchen and I could hear dishes rattling and her sexy heels clicking on the kitchen floor. I got my self up and hopped out to the kitchen after her with my feet still tied together and a raging hard on with my wrists and elbows still tied behind my back and thoroughly gagged. I watched her as she put away the dishes while again making sure to show me her gorgeous tits and ass in her pink tights and heels at every moment. I hopped over to her and started humping her but she just laughed and stepped aside. She said that I was getting too excited for so early in the day and that I needed to calm down because we were going to have a lot more fun before it was over. She sat me in a chair by the table and said she would be right back.

She came back in a minute with another handful of rope and I could only imagine what she was going to do. She looked awesome in her shiny pink tights and platform heels with the pink ballgag still hanging around her neck. Her huge round tits and long blond hair swaying back and forth as she walked. She straddled the chair and sat on my lap again for a minute and pushed her tits in my face. I was unable to do anything about it and nuzzled her tits with my gag and moaned with pleasure as she ground her pussy on my spandex covered cock. She giggled and jumped off my lap and knelt on the floor in front of me. Kissing my rock hard cock through the tights and leotard to keep me on full alert she tied my knees together and tied my already bound feet back under the rung of the chair. She snapped the crotch of the leotard hard against my balls again making me mmph into my gag and stood up and told me to behave.

She told me she liked me better that way since I couldn t attack her anymore and she could finish her chores. I pleaded for more attention through the huge gag but all that came out was soft muffled grunts as I watched her put away the dishes topless in her pink tights. Now I know how frustrated she feels when I do the same to her all the time but the anticipation is pure ecstasy. After the dishes were done and the counters were clean she bent over and kissed me on my gag and put her tits on my face and said it was time for her workout and that I could either stay tied up on the chair or go with her and watch but there were special conditions. Of course I nodded and mmphed to go with her and watch.

She released my ankles from the rung of the chair and I thought she would untie my feet and knees so I could follow her but instead she helped me to my feet and tied a rope to my wrists behind my back and under my crotch started pulling. She said that the first part of the special conditions were that I had to hop all the way to the den bound and gagged so I would know what it was like when she had to do it. I was thankful for the tights and leotard protecting my private parts and realized how hard it would be to hop wearing high heels like I had made her do.

She pulled the rope forward forcing me to hop across the kitchen and out into the living room behind her mmphing into my gag. I stopped to rest half way through the living room and she turned and played with her tits and pussy in front of me and reached out to stroke my cock making me hop towards her again with out the aid of the pull rope. It was a lot of work but it was really exciting hopping through the house bound and gagged in her tights and leotard. She just laughed and continued through the house towards the den with me in tow, pulling the rope just to tease me.

After an exhausting trip to the den she pushed me down on the love seat to rest and said she needed to go get a few more things to get ready for her workout. I collapsed on the couch for a minute to catch my breath and think about what she meant by that. She came back in a few minutes still dressed in her shiny pink tights and clear platform spike heels with a handful of spandex, more rope, the pink ballgag around her neck and her favorite dildo. She sat on my lap again and ground her pussy on my still hard cock all covered in tight spandex as she pushed her tits into my face and pressed them around my gag with her hands as I buried my face in her chest begging through the gag to fuck her. I was almost ready to come when she backed off and said that the rest of the special conditions were that her workout not be interrupted.

I was pretty helpless already, bound and gagged and encased in tights but she told me that since she already knew I could hop around and she didn t want to be bothered she would have to fix that too. Picking up another piece of rope, she pushed my head down on the loveseat and pulled my bound purple feet back up to my wrists and tied me in another tight hog tie. I mmphed loudly into my gag begging for attention and squirmed around on the love seat testing my bondage. She took pity on me and played with my cock again for a few minutes rubbing her pink tights all over me and letting her tits brush my hands so I would try to grab them until I was ready to explode and then she slid off the loveseat and walked across the room. She was an expert at taking me to the edge and leaving me there.

She put on a sexy workout video and came back and sat on the floor in front of me. She buckled the pink ballgag back in her mouth and reaching into the pile and of stuff on the love seat next to me pulled out the pink legwarmers worked them over her heels and up onto her tights knowing that would drive me crazy. Spreading her legs and poking her fingers through the slits in her tights she started playing with herself. After making sure and she was fully lubricated she took the dildo and started sliding it in and out of her pussy through her tights. Working her legs and moaning into her gag she gave me a good show while getting the desired effect of me thrashing about on the loveseat as she pleasured herself.

Turning it on low I saw her eyes roll back as she shoved the dildo all the way up inside her. She gave my cock a few gagged kisses and grabbing the pink leotard pulled it up over her tights and legwarmers and up into her crotch and put her arms through the sleeves trapping the dildo deep inside her. She pretended to work out in front of me trying as best she could to bend and stretch in her tights and heels, closing her eyes every couple of minutes to the feeling of the vibrating dildo inside her and moaning into her self imposed ballgag.

I was really going nuts by this point just watching her and was wildly thrashing about mmphing loudly into the large leather gag while tightly hogtied in my leotard and tights. This was obviously getting her even more excited and she tied her sexy pink high-heeled feet together and curled up in a ball on the floor. With her hands on her pussy and the dildo in her cunt she began screaming loudly into her gag as she had an orgasm. I knew she was getting off and I wanted my relief soon! After she calmed down for a minute she untied her feet and rubbed her legs together stretched them out showing me her heels and got up off the floor. Walking towards me she pulled the top of her leotard down exposing her awesome tits and hard nipples. With the gag still in her mouth she played with her tits and reached down to pull the crotch of her leotard out of the way and extract the dildo.

She slid the dildo out of her sopping wet pussy and out through her tights and brushed it against my gag so I could smell her juices. I was really begging into my gag now and rolled back as if asking her to join me. She didn t need an invitation and popped the ballgag out of her mouth and dropped to her knees. Pulling the crotch of my leotard aside she let my full erection spring to life. She wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking me up and down until I was ready come in her mouth. She suddenly stopped again and after taking the time to buckle the ballgag back between her lips crawled up on the loveseat and backed up next to me in a spoon position. Lifting her leg she pulled her leotard aside and opening up the slits in her tights guided my hard cock from behind into her very hot and wet pussy.

After only a couple of minutes of pumping my cock into her we were both ready to come again and I exploded inside her as we screamed into our gags making us both even more excited and adding to the climax. This was the second time in only 2 days she had let me fuck her while I was hogtied and gagged in her tights. I really loved our new adventures and it added a whole new dimension to our sex games. After she untied me we talked about how much pleasure we both got from being tied up while wearing tights and how much fun it would be if we were both tied up.

She made dinner in her pink tights and heels and then made a few phone calls while I was in the living room watching TV. I had taken the leotard off and tucked my cock back inside the purple tights and was just sitting there relaxing when she walked back in the room and sat on my lap. She stretched out her legs and looking at her sexy heels told me her friend Lisa was coming over tomorrow to workout with her.

I was instantly aroused and loved it whenever Lisa came over to work out with Cindy because that meant there would be 2 girls wearing tights and leotards around the house. They both knew they were gorgeous and loved to show off their bodies in front of me. Lisa was a hot bisexual brunette and I had always fantasized about tying them both up or watching them tie each other up but after the events of the past couple of days I was starting to include myself in that fantasy .