High School Teacher


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High School Teacher

Post by webmaster » Thu May 05, 2011 11:01 pm

As a high school teacher I tend to leave the school a ten o'clock at night and I never had problems. I walk to the train, which is four blocks away from the school. Everyday I wear pantyhose, four inches heels, knee high skirt, and a blouse. I was wearing black knee high skirt, black pantyhose, white bra, white blouse, and black heels. That day I was having a bad day at school and my students were acting up. I had left my bag on the train, which had my plans for the day and graded papers. So I could not wait to leave and I wanted to leave early but for some reason I stayed till ten.

As I was finishing grading papers and putting in grades for my classes I left in a hurry. It was nine o'clock when I finished with the papers and the streets were dead. As I was walking I could not wait till I sleep. As I was hoping the train came to the station and I went on a cart with only on man in there. I sat in the middle and he was in the back. The train went off, I started to look outside, and to the corner of my eyes I saw the guy get up. He was walking toward me.

The train had stopped to the next station, so I got up and left. I walked fast to the bathroom. I went to the mirror and I saw the door open. It was the guy but this time he had his pants down. He ran up to me, lifted me on the sink, and hiked up my skirt. "RAPE SOMEONE HELP!!" I yelled. "No one is here you're here alone." He said. He was right so I had no choice to let him in me. He noticed that I was not wearing any underwear and he said, ' Good girl not wearing any panties no wonder why I am raping you." One thrust he put his dick in me. He put like two inches in me first because of my pantyhose so he thrust more and more. He had a eight inch dick and so far only four inches were in me which it did not break my pantyhose.

As he was putting himself in me he unbutton my blouse and undid my bra. I am about a D cup size. He started to suck on my nipples, he was about six inches in me, and I felt my pantyhose ripping. The pantyhose ripped and he was finally able to put is whole dick in me. After a while I was starting to like it. He was sucking on my tits really good which egged me on to like it. It felt so good being fucked and having my tits sucked at the same time. He had looked up at me and noticed I started to like it. "So you like that you slut. How about this?" He had stopped sucking my tits and started to fuck me harder and faster. I could not hold it any longer and nether could he. He whipped out his dick and wanted me to suck it. I got down from the sink and knelt down to the floor. I began to put his dick in my warm mouth. He put his hand on my head and forced me to suck him whole.

He started to fuck my face thrusting his dick in my mouth harder and faster. "Do not play with your self!" He ordered. Till then he started to cum in my mouth. "Swallow it bitch!" I had no choice so I swallowed his cum. It seemed forever he kept on cumming. I sucked him dry. He then turned me over so I was lying on the floor. I did not know what was going to happen until I felt his dick in me. He took off my skirt and threw it somewhere. He lifted my legs up and forced my face and tits on the floor. He started to fuck me hard and each thrust had forced me to the floor. After the sixth thrust I had my orgasm. He knew I had mine but he did not stop. He kept on fucking me for ten minutes and I was shaking all over the place with pleasure. I must have gotten four orgasms while he was still fucking me.

He dropped my legs and I heard footsteps and the door opened. I looked around and he was gone. I decided to dress but there was a certain problem I was having. My skirt was torn, my bra was missing, and my blouse had no buttons. My skirt was torn apart from the back and front. So I did my best trying to dress myself with out exposing to anyone. I peaked outside from the bathroom's door and no one was out there. I decided to walk home instead of taking the train. I knew that there would be people in the train and seeing me a little exposed. I decided to walk in the dark instead of in the lights. I had a long way home but I wanted to do it.