Dominated In Pantyhose


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Dominated In Pantyhose

Post by webmaster » Thu May 05, 2011 11:06 pm

The club"s noise was pounding, techno rythm and bass making the walls shake. I had once again decided to go out to my favorite club, although as usual i decided to stick to the corner and watch other people. I found it much more interesting than actually interacting. As i lit a cigarette my mind played over the events of the day once again. I had recently broken up with my girlfriend, one of the types that started off very sweet but grew to be obnoxious, cold, arrogant, and numerous other adjectives i wont" bother to go through. My thoughts were interuppted though as my eyes found a girl in the crowd, who was absolutely stunning. It looked as though she had to have been six feet tall, with long black hair that went down to the middle of her back, her body was slim yet somewhat athletic. She was wearing a very short dress that barely came down past her hips, and very sheer black pantyhose, which at that was starting to get me very hard. On her lovely feet she wore strappy san!
dals that must of had a six inch heel.
My head was now spinning and my cock was throbbing with lust, i could not peel my eyes away from her, or those shiny black pantyhose she had her legs encased in. I was about to walk over to her, make some small talk, but she had started to make her way over to my table, probably sensing my gaze, knowing i couldn"t take my eyes from her. She sat down across from me and smiled,
"Hello, My name is Shannon, whats yours?"
I smiled silently inside myself and played it cool, "Spider, don"t ask its a nickname, what brings you over here?"
She laughed and reached down to massage her legs, they must of been tired after all the dancing she had done. "Well i noticed you couldn"t stop staring at me, which must mean you find me attractive, so i figured i"d make a first move."
I laughed and warmed up a little bit, "Hey i was about to make a move to come over and talk with you."
She smiled seductively, "But i beat you to it didn"t I?"
I nodded at her question, my mind raced for something else to ask her, some kind of chatter so we could get to know one another. As much of a relationship guy as I may have normally found myself, I was now driven only to have my body inbetween her pantyhosed thighs, sucking on her toes, eating her pussy, enjoying every square inch of her body. My cock was now just about to burst through my pants, if it wasn"t for the pantyhose i myself had on, I would have been pitching a pretty big tent. I could feel myself straing against the nylon fabric, trying to make its way out, the feeling made me even more horny. I needed to be released sometime soon or else i may attack this poor girl.
She continued on before i could say anything, "So what about me in particular did you find so appealing?"
Now normally i would never tell any girl i found their pantyhose encased legs irresistible, but in this case i decided to hell with it, what"s the worst that could happen?
When i told her, her eyes lit up, with a sense of fire behind them, i could have sworn they flashed red with lust for an instant before they cooled down to green.
"Mmmm you find my pantyhose sexy huh?"
I nodded at her, as she appeared to reach under the table for something, in a moment i would find out she was taking off her shoes.
"Hmmm, if you find my pantyhose sexy, that must mean you like my feet too huh?" As she said this i could feel her place her feet upon my lap, scrunching and curling her toes under the nylon, massaging my cock through my pants and pantyhose.
I just about fainted, and was absolutely speechless, thankfully words weren"t needed, she knew she had me in her power, and by no means was she letting me go. I could feel her continue to rub my member up and down with her feet, not trying to make me cum, but just torturing me.
"You know, you look about as horny as i"m feeling, how about we go back to my place and show you how soaking wet i"ve made my pantyhose."
I could only nod at this as i hurriedly followed her to a cab. Once we were inside and heading toward her apartment she started kissing me furiously, passionately, shoving her tongue into my mouth. I brought my arms around to envelope her and bring her closer, as i did she pulled away and slapped my face.
I suppressed a moan of pain as she leaned in a whispered in my ear, "If you want to be with me tonight, you are going to have to play by my rules understand?"
I was shocked and dumbfounded, being and a daze and not knowing what to do i simply replied. "Yes."
I once again found my face stinging as she slapped me again. She leaned back in and whispered in my ear, "That"s yes Ma"am."
I was powerless and i knew it, "Yes ma"am." But secretly i was highly aroused, it had always been my dream to be dominated by a woman, but i wondered how far it would go, i was just thanking myself for going to the club that night.
The cab arrived at her complex and i followed her up to her apartment, which not suprisingly had chains, ropes, leather whips and skimpy outfits decorating the walls. She locked the door behind me and smiled.
"Well, since you were bad enough to stare at me in the club, you"re my slave for the night, and before you say anything you must ask for permission to speak, so don"t even think about it."
I opted to not say anything and let her continue.
"Strip off your clothes right now, i want to see you fucking naked right now!"
My mind actually started to race, a dream to always be dominated, but it sounded as though she was violent as well, i could only go with her now, her door was locked from the inside with a key, i had to obey no matter what.
I proceeded to take of my shirt, shoes, socks, and finally my pants. She gazed at my pantyhose encased legs and licked her lips, "Well that saves time, one less thing i have to have you do. come here slave."
I obeyed and approached her slowly. When i was a few feet from her she reached out and grabbed my hard cock through my pantyhose and kissed me deeply, forcing her tongue down my throat.
She pulled away, "Mmmmm is your poor little cock horny?" She said as she began to squeeze it, making me wince in pain and pleasure at the same time. "Get on your fucking knees slave!"
I of course obeyed, i could feel my balls were swollen, wanting to burst, i was so horny i swore i could feel a couple tears come from my eyes.
"Mmmm ok now that i have you where i want you, how about you start off by kissing my feet?"
I didn"t hesistate and started to kiss her feet, the smell was intoxicating, the smell of sweaty feet that had been dancing all night, i badly want to start sucking on them.but i hadn"t been ordered, and who knew how she would punish me now that we weren"t in public with people as witnesses.
She allowed me to do this for a few minutes before commanding me to rise to my feet. While i had been kissing her feet she had gotten a leash, although it looked a bit small for my neck, took me a while to figure it out, but she had already started reaching in my pantyhose for my cock before i figured it out.
She squeezed it before putting on the leash, making sure it was uncomfortably tight. The leash was attatched to a chain, which she now pulled on to get me to follow her into the bedroom.
She shoved me over on the bed and placed her foot on my cock, digging in the heel a bit. "mmmmmm you"ve been pretty good so far slave, if you keep this up i might be able to take care of that problem your having." she said gesturing over to my hard cock.
She allowed me to lay there as she stripped off her dress and her bra, i could now see she wasn"t wearing any panties under her hose. I could feel my cock start to twitch, dying to be relieved. She noticed this, but decided to ignore it. She crawled over to the bed and straddled me, starting to rub her wet pussy on my nylon encased cock. I was being driven mad and she knew it, she was just torturing me, at this rate i might never be relieved. After a few minutes of this torture she stood up and ordered me to my feet. She sat on the bed and told me to get on my knees, which she helped me out by pullin down on the leash that was around my dick.
"Take off my shoes and suck on my toes bitch." She commanded.
I gratefully followed her orders, quickly stripping her lovely feet of her shoes and wrapping my lips around her toes, i flicked my tongue back and forth, sucking on them, tasting their sweet aroma, she laid back and moaned in pleasure.
"Alright, you"ve been pretty good, i"ll let you have a little fun, you may pull your cock out and start jacking off over my feet."
I only nodded and pulled my dick out from my pantyhose, it was a bit awkward working around the leash but i began to furiously stroke it over her feet.
"That"s it slave, rub it, oh god you like that don"t you? You love how my feet smell and look in these pantyhose don"t you......Are you going to cum on my feet? I"d like to feel your cum inbetween my toes."
All this talk was going to make me erupt, my eyes clenched tight and i could feel my cock start to tingle, i was about to cum.
My eyes shot open and i stared at her, of course i had stopped jerking myself off.
"Good boy, you stop when i tell you to stop, you will only cum when i let you cum. Ok you"ve had your fun, time to have mine, i"m going to degrade and embarass you now, and you"re going to like it."
I was almost afraid, she had me get up on the bed and lay on my stomach with my ass in the air. I couldn"t see what she was doing, as now she had commanded me to keep my face buried in the pillow. I could feel her hands rubbing my ass now, and could feel her ripping my pantyhose by my ass.
I suddenly felt something very cool now on my asshole, and before i knew it i felt something hard sliding up my ass.
I started to protest, asking what she was doing, i looked around to see she had put on a strap on dildo and was now inserting it into my ass.
"I should beat the shit out of you for asking me that slave! I am fucking you because you are my slave, you are my bitch and you are going to like it. Unless you want to bleed out your ass for the next week i suggest you stop asking me questions."
I thought about struggling, making a break for it, but i decided i"d be better off trusting her and letting her have her way with me. Wanting to be dominated yes, but being fucked in my ass was something different.
I could feel her slowly push the rubber cock in my ass inch by inch, a tear squeezed out my eye but after a second it started to feel pleasurable, i could feel her alll the way in now, and she grabbed my nylon covered ass as she started to pump me. She was moaning now, ramming her strap on into my ass, i started moaning back actually enjoying this sweet torture, she reached around my waist and starting jerking me off as she pumped me, which sent me straight to heaven.
I now found myself whimpering and moaning like a bitch, i was her slave, and i was at her complete mercy. I could feel the tension mounting again in my cock and i felt as though i was going to cum.
"Mistress please, i"m going to cum if you continue."
As i said this i felt the dildo pulled from my ass, she looked at me approvingly, "Very good slave, you are learning quickly. I think for that i will treat you well from now on."
As she said this she ordered me to lay on my back, she tied my legs down to the posts at the edge of the bed and my hands above me to the posts above me. She cut a hole for my cock in my hose and pulled it out. She grinned at me wickedly and licked it, tasting it, flicking her tongue across the head.
I moaned and lifted my hips from the bed, i was in absolute sexual frenzy now, and i would do anything to cum.
She straddled me and made her way up to my face, resting her sopping wet nylon covered pussy over my face. "Alright slave, if you eat me out, and satisfy me, i"ll do the same for you."
Hearing this i started hungrily licking her mound, i bit the nylon and ripped it open with my teeth and started flicking my tongue wildly across her clit. She began to moan and grind her snatch against my face, she was clean shaven and smooth, it felt good to have her use me like this. I completely lost all sense of myself and hungrily ate her out, shoving my tongue into her pussy, nibbling on her clit. I managed to get one of my hands free from the bed post, i reached around her hips and slowly inserted one of my fingers into her ass. She might of been upset that i did something she had ordered me not to. But now she was enjoying her self too much to complain or punish me. I gently moved my finger in and out of her ass as i sucked on her pussy. She was now screaming and convulsing, orgasming like i had never seen a girl do.....When it finally ended she collapsed backwards, with the back of her head resting on my cock, breathing deeply, catching her lost breath.
After a few minutes she sat back up and retied my hand to the bed post. "You know, oh god.......very good. I suppose i can release you now."
This is what i had been waiting for, She straddled my hips, at first teasing me. I could feel our nylon legs rubbing up against eachother, she lowered her pussy, grinding it against my still hard cock, straining at the leash. She then grabbed it and slowly lowered herself onto it. I just about fainted feeling the sensation, hot and wet. I would"ve been just happy laying there with her ontop of me, sitting still. She squeezed my cock with her muscles and I moaned. I looked at her and she grinned back. "You"re the best slave i"ve ever had."
She started slowly moving up, and then down, the sensation on my cock was almost too much and i was wildly pulling at my restraints in pleasure. She leaned over to kiss me as she increased her pace, bouncing up an down off my rock hard cock. It didn"t take long after all the teasing, and i felt the pressure start to build. "Mistress i"m going to cum if you don"t stop!" I shouted in pleasure.
She grinned at me approvingly once more, "Good, make sure you give it all to me"
I screamed as i shot my load of cum deep inside of her, my entire body tingling, pulling at my restraints and raising my hips off the bed into the air. After what seemed like hours i was done......She lay down on top of me and rested her head on my shoulder, my still hard cock inside of her. She looked at me almost lovingly and rubbed her pantyhosed leg down mine.
"You know, i look forward to you being a permanent slave of mine."