My muddy pantyhose


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My muddy pantyhose

Post by webmaster » Thu May 05, 2011 11:07 pm

My name is julie, I am in my late twenties, blonde, I have posted stories on epantyhoselandand here is one.

Going to a dance recital in my sequined leotards and tan pantyhose. I was running late so i took a shortcut down a dirt trail. My boyfriend was following me but i did not see him as he likes to surprise me. It was early summer and it rained the day before. I was wearing mule sandals. I soon came to a large puddle yikes! I thought i cant get dirty or i will get spanked by my teacher ! so i noticed a log on the side of the puddle i figured i will cross it and make a clean getaway! as i got to the middle my boyfriend jumps from behind and grabs me! YIKES! I exclaimed as i fell in the brown gooey mud! loosing my tap shoes and extra costume and my purse with extra hose! my sandals also fell off my feet and the brown muck between my toes! look at me i exclaimed i am a mess and now i am going to get spanked! my boyfriend was laughing. What a jerk !

So i got up slipping and slidding, picked up my costume, purse and sandals and went to the recital when i arrived i scrapped most of the mud off. But iwas a mess my teacher saw me Julie! what happened i told you not to get dirty! yikes! is all i could say. Follow me i knew i wasin for it he turned me over his knee and spanked me i tried to back away but fell backwards putting a run in my dirty hose! after the spanking i went to the dressing room to change when i opened my purse for my extra hose water and mud poured out! so i took a pair from another dance bag one of the dancers left. Went on stage did my number and went home.

Knowing my dance teacher, i managed to slip into the dressing room before he could catch me. Covered in mud i cleaned myself up and put on my other less muddy costume and the stolen pantyhose leaving my soaked muddy hose by the dancebag.i scrapped the mud off my tap shoes and did my number on stage.

When over i huried backstage knowing my teacher was busy talking to the parents, so now was my time for a clean getaway, until Gina the girl whose pantyhose i took looked at the soaked hose on the floor and said: Julie you took my pantyhose! i'm telling! yikes! so i grabbed my bag leaving my tap shoes on, i tried to sneak out. My nipples hard with the excitement and my clit getting wet. By now gina, my dance teacher and my boyfriend were all going after me.

As i went down the dirt trail, now really slippery in mary jane tap shoes i tried to cross the log, when my boyfriends hands grabbed my nipples and i again fell in the same mud! yikes ! i said as i fell in. Gina then caught up with my previous dirty pair of pantyhose. These have to be yours ! she said they match the pair you're wearing! and we then started to wrestle in the mud. My boyfried then stood and watched. Gina was wearing a skating dress and tan pantyhose, with sneakers i was wearing tan pantyhose and tap shoes the mud felt good on my vagina and the tap shoes were slippery. Gina had more traction as i slipped and slid. Then my dance teacher showed up julie! i got you in the mud YIKES! as he grabbed me my boyfriend jumped in the puddle and started to wrestle my dance teacher! now all four of us were making quite a mess we soon started to laugh and helped each other up. My teacher lightly tapped my rear, but my boyfriend spanked harder then he said i guess i will save the teacher the trouble julie.

I apologized to gina and gave her some money for new pantyhose me and my boyfriend walked home now i was turned on so he started a bubble bath, i let him undress me and i massaged his penis, as we got into the tub he helped wash the mud off me i then put some bodywash on. He brought me a fuzzy navel wine cooler i laid down on his bed and with my clit wet he penetrated. The sensation inside me was wonderful ! i then put my muddy costumes in the wash and cleaned my pantyhose. After everything dried i got dressed and we walked back to my apartment then my boyfriend asked if pantyhose come in mud color! YIKES! i said.


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Re: My muddy pantyhose

Post by 10Denier » Mon May 09, 2011 2:58 pm

nice one. plenty of reading material on all these. thanks muchly :D
Tights and pantyhose...what else needs to be said!